Changes for O365 User Group

For many (many) years, I’ve been involved in the committee and leadership of the SharePoint User Group in Melbourne.

But – for 2018 – I’m stepping down from the committee.  

I have a bunch of other commitments, and activities, personally and professionally.    But – first, a quick look back.


This began with the initial “Melbourne Office Server Special Interest Group” – or MOSSIG – based on the new SharePoint 2007, which was known as MOSS.   

This was around 2006 – almost 12 years ago !


Those early years of the user group were held at the Microsoft Office – in Windsor, corner of Toorak + Chapel St.

We then moved to the new Microsoft Office in SouthBank (Freshwater Place) – and – re-branded, with a new logo, and regular newsletter.

We held a launch party for SP2010 – and had stickers made up !


Melbourne SharePoint User Group, then started during the tail end of the SP2010 era – I found a blog post for “goodbye MOSSIG”, from 2011 >

We grew to close to 1000 members over the next few years – and had sponsorship from AvePoint, Micheal Frank (recruitment), Pitcher Partners, Nintex and others…


And – we had a “pug” as a mascot – Miss Pug !    (thx Tim…)


We used “Event Brite” and “Mail Chimp” for newsletters (spam) – and helped with SharePoint Saturday – and had a user group meetup at TechEd (Gold Coast).

O365 User Group

Then, at the tail end of 2015, we merged with the recently formed Office 365 User Group – and 2018 is our third year.

It’s been great to learn more about the new platform from Microsoft – especially some “infra” perspectives, and lots of Exchange.

Although we spend as much time each month on NEWS as presentations !

We’ve tried different formats with TWO sessions on a few occasions – and have always had pizza, but now we also have BEER !

And held meetings at different venues – but usually based at FreshWater.

Thanks – and see ya !

During the last few months of 2017, I was finding it harder to get along to the user group – and we have new board members that are taking the reins.   

Also, on the home front, we’re starting a house extension – and I’m busy with my KACHIHRO consulting practice – and so I’m stepping away from the board – as of the first February meeting (Feb 25).

I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved over the last decade – with a community of peers, colleagues & competitors – and – lots of wonderful learning, sharing, and chats over beers (Belgian Beer Cafe).

Never say goodbye

I’m stepping down from the committee, but I’ll (hopefully) make it along to the regular monthly meeting !   

And I might even present a session, from time to time.  

Hope to see you there.

So many ppl

There have been a LOT of people that I’ve worked with during MOSSIG, MSPUG + O365UG – from various companies – interestingly, a lot of these folk are now working for Microsoft !

  • Ben Walters
  • William Cornwill
  • Brendan Law
  • Ed Richard
  • Tim Wragg
  • Nathan Gropman
  • Elaine van Bergen
  • Aaron Dinnage
  • David Ross
  • Michael Frank
  • Joel Neff
  • Ashish Trivedi

– and I’ve made so many more wonderful industry friends/buddies –via SharePoint Saturdays, and TechEd’s.

Thanks again – and CHEERS to the rest of the O365UG committee – and the entire Melbourne SharePoint “community”.

Wookie has left the building.    Smile

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