And so this is Christmas, and what have YOU done ?!

The lyrics of the wonderful John Lennon song are echo’ing in my head, as we close out 2017.

I don’t know about you – but *I* have done a LOT !    It’s been the BIGGEST year ever for Kachihro, and myself – and family also.

It’s now two years since I started out on my own, after ~20 years as an “employee”.   Some great success as a solo-venture – solopreneur is the new cool buzz word.

But – working solo is never a “thing” – I’ve had some great customers, colleagues, and industry friends – chatted over a hundred or more beers, and a thousand or more coffee’s.

“Business is good”

Here are some highlights for 2017 :

  • Kachihro has worked with 16 (!) different customers through out 2017
  • Have achieved over 60% of revenue from the 1/3 of these customers
  • Breakdown of 60/40 for customers as ‘direct’ and ‘sub-contracting’
  • Attended the PauseFest conference in Melbourne – great future thinking
  • Attended the launch of K2-Five and K2-Cloud, in Sydney
  • Left the business behind, while travelling in Europe for three weeks ;
    • Missed out on winning work with two new customers – due to being unavailable – but was a wonderful trip…
  • Completed a great FY2017, according to the ATO, they sent me a bill !
  • Finances & budget have allowed for a new company car 
  • Presented a session at the Digital Workplaces Conference in Sydney
  • Presented a session at the Melbourne Office 365 Saturday
  • Hosted the Office 365 Meetup in Melbourne – don’t forget the Xmas Party this coming Thursday (14th December)

A great roster of customers & projects

There has been a wonderful mix of business verticals – and technologies – to keep me busy through-out the year :

  • Developed/migrated an Office 365 intranet for wonderful team of people, with a company who provides safe & affordable housing for underprivileged, indigenous & homeless people ;
    • I’m very pleased/proud of this project, has been a great success
  • Defined K2 SmartForms and Workflows, as well as Sitrion ONE apps, with SharePoint 2013, for a company providing power tools & home appliances
  • Developed an intranet for SharePoint 2013 (and PoC for Office 365), as part of a large education facility – moving away from an ASP classic + ColdFusion intranet (!)
  • Developed components & provisioning patterns for a number of Office 365 portals, as a consultant for a dynamic and growing team in Collingwood (5p) 
  • Assisted an IT consultancy to merge SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 intranets into a single (new) Office 365 intranet – as part of a company merger
  • Reviewed SharePoint, and then planned & implemented updates to the platform, suffering with large document volumes – to re-architect the solution – for a company providing case management software to councils
  • Updated K2 solution elements for a health care provider, as well as consulted on a new Office 365 intranet, for a custom app developer consultancy
  • Worked remotely with a consulting firm in Hobart, for a new Office 365 intranet for a university, as well as a K2 custom-coded solution for loan approvals
  • Configured & extended an Office 365 intranet for an IT company specialised in container & shipping logistics – fascinating story – Melbourne-grown !
  • Configured Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for a pilot division within an emergency facilities department of Vic Gov
  • Updated an Office 365 intranet for a manufacturing company in Scoresby, providing gaming & cash machines to the global market – another fascinating story – and only 5 mins from my house
  • Updated old legacy VB.NET app for a manufacturing company
  • Created JavaScript libraries for mapping for a new website for a hiking trail in regional Victoria –


It’s a great time to be a developer

As well as the project & customer side, it’s been a wonderful year in technology – I love to keep my hands dirty – some great new learning/s :

  • Microsoft Teams – researched, learnt, fiddled & then presented about programming & extending MS-Teams
  • Office 365 – lots of SharePoint, but it’s much more than that !    Branded intranets are still valid, with custom JS, and REST components
  • Microsoft Flow – for list item workflow triggering
  • Azure Functions – for PowerShell and C# for provisioning of Site Collections, initiated by Microsoft Flow !
  • PowerShell – using CSOM and/or Microsoft PnP
  • PowerShell – for deployment of Azure Functions – using Azure RM commands, to create Storage Accounts, Resource Group, etc
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFX) – for new modern-page components – has been a big learning curve, much more than expected – with Yo, Gulp, React, and more
  • ShareGate – for migration to, and management of, Office 365
  • Hyperfish – for maintenance of Office 365 Azure AD identity information
  • Sitrion ONE – for mobility of business processes & intranet comms
  • Lots of great podcasts & information from MS-CloudShow, Azure, O365 Dev, Hyperfish – and many more.

Another year over, and a new one just begun

I’ve been struggling to get through the last few weeks, and I think I’ve worked out WHY….    I’m exhausted !   

I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful family to support me – and great friends to call upon when ‘the cracks are showing’ – and I need a friendly chat.

Next year (2018) is shaping up to be another great year – lots of great new customers & projects kicking off, and commencing an extension to our family home, as well as our eldest son beginning high school !

I need to make sure to stop/think – and keep my head-in-check – and enjoy the ride, on a seemingly run-away roller coaster (sometimes !)

Predictions for 2018

  • Lots more Office 365 – for provisioning, and migration
  • Further learning with SPFX, and React
  • New customers with K2, and Hyperfish
  • Dabble in left-field technologies such as OutSystems

A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year….

Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear…

I hope YOU had a fantastic 2017 – with lots of project successes, travels and family fun.    It would be great to work together – if our schedules can align.

Please feel free to contact me directly, for a coffee, lunch or beer….

All the very best wishes from KACHIHRO, for a wonderful 2018,



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