R & R & T

It’s amazing to check the calendar, and see that we’re into OCTOBER already.   It means that it’s less than three months until Christmas – and also the end-of-2016.   

Today, I’m returning to work, after two weeks of leave, hence the “R&R” title.   There was certainly some rest & relation – and spending time [“T”] with the family.     

It was school holidays, so we took the kids to Queensland, Surfers Paradise initially, and had a blast at the theme parks – roller coasters, water slides, superheroes, dolphin shows and so forth – for four days !    And then, to Noosa for a few days by the pool, and reading a book, and I even managed some MTB’ing time to myself.     And, I grew a ‘holiday beard’ – lots of grey hairs – boo !

It was during the last few days that I included some different “R & R & T” = Review, Reflection and Thinking.    

And – realised how important it is to stop and think.    Everyone should take time for #RRT.

The KACHIHRO business has been operating successfully & steadily now for three financial quarters, it’s ticking along quite well.  

It wasn’t until I was discussing with ex-colleagues at a recent drinks gathering, when I was describing all that I’ve been doing, that I realised that fact (from another perspective).   

I’d done a six-month reviewsix-month reviewin June – time for another, eh ?

And so – here’s a quick run-down, following some #RRT by the pool – along with a Mojito or three – and MTB’ing in Tewantin :

  • Since the end of June, I’ve moved from the standard ‘contract’ for a time period – to working 2 days a week / 3 days a week, for a few customers
  • Juggling is tricky – the context switch is a constant battle – it’s important to keep track via OneNote, and emails – as well as tracking time/hours
  • SharePoint 2013 – doing some patches & updates, and helping the customer with minor bits & pieces
  • Began learning the “Sitrion ONE” platform, for enterprise mobility – as a technical pre-sales / engineer – and have learnt a LOT
  • Presented a session at the O365 Saturday
  • Assisted a customer with some O365 configuration, after migration from on-prem
  • Assessing a new customer for an SP2010 to SP2016 migration
  • Signed up as a partner for Sitrion, and K2 – as well as being included as a launch partner for Hyperfish (more on that shortly)
  • Had some stress + minor anxiety attack, when I had my first non-billable-days for the year, in mid August – not bad to be fully billable until then !
  • Instead, had coffees & lunches with many, many people, as a re-assurance, as well as re-connections – and enjoyed a ‘well needed’ cycling adventure in the hills near Marysville
  • Have been enjoying podcasts from “Introverted Entrepreneur” and “MS Cloud Show” – as well as “This American Life”
  • Re-developed the website for KACHIHRO – check it out here…>    http://www.kachihro.comwww.kachihro.com
  • Financially, doing well – profitable, anyway !    Managed a small profit for the first FY, unlike my prior employer (who earned $160m, and still posted a loss of almost $2m !)
  • Working on plans for FY17, already underway – developing a product, and hoping to do more partner+services work

Wow, eh ?!

So, yes it’s been nice to look back on the successes and progress so far – ticking along – and wondering what the next few months will bring.

How’s it going with you ?!     Hopefully FY17 is progressing well, one quarter completed – with the inevitable rush to Christmas.    Make sure you take some time for #RRT.

Let’s meet up for a coffee/lunch – it would be great to hear what colleagues + customers are doing – and how KACHIHRO can assist in your technology journey.


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