Active Directory = Accurate Directory ??

In many organisations (most organisations ?), the under-lying backbone of the entire infrastructure is ACTIVE DIRECTORY – often known simply as “AD”.

AD is everywhere

Active Directory underpins Microsoft application platform services such as SharePoint, and SQL Server, and CRM, etc – key business solutions – users simply open their web browser, after their initial Windows AD logon, and can then use automatic logon (Windows Auth).   

For customers using SharePoint, the “user profiles” functionality for people search and MySites is sourced from data within AD – there is an entire functional component for AD “sync”.

And for workflow products such as K2, there is a reliance on the corporate directory – especially when forwarding tasks to “my manager”, or certain roles/groups.

Also, IT departments rely on ‘group policy’ to restrict and/or allow software on different computers and servers – much of this is sourced from AD.

There are additional flavours of AD with “Federated Services” (ADFS) – and lately, more and more customers with Azure AD (AAD).    

AAD is now the under-lying backbone of the Microsoft cloud platform – Office 365 uses Azure AD.

Get to the point !

  • Active Directory is the most important piece of software+data within the modern enterprise – regardless of on-prem, or cloud.     

That’s nice, aaaand….?

For such an important ‘platform service’ the data within AD is often (excuse my french) kinda shit…!

My history as an application developer showed me that the need for an ACCURATE Active Directory is vital – especially for correctness of  :

  • AD groups – for correct users/auth
  • Manager hierarchy – escalating tasks to users – for K2, or Nintex workflows
  • SharePoint User profile data, photos, titles, locations, phone numbers, etc.
  • Dynamic groups in AAD rely on accurate data – eg. “user.department = sales” (negating the need for AD groups – but highlighting the importance of correct DATA)
  • Large organisations with thousands of users need an accurate ‘people’ directory for faster communications, eg. Skype for Business

Who’s problem ?

Often the ‘correctness’ of data within AD was left to the IT department to manage.    They have the permissions/rights to update data – but often don’t have the values.

Conversely, business users need correct data, but often don’t have the ability, skills, or permissions to do so.

What’s the answer ?

Often IT departments rely on scripts, or ‘identity management’ software, but there’s now a new way to achieve this.

Hyperfish enables organizations to automatically identify and populate missing information in Active Directory, quickly and easily.

KACHIHRO are proud to have been selected as a launch partner for this wonderful new technology platform, and have been beta-testing + trialling the software.  

This video explains the key features – the best bit is that it becomes a “self-updating” Active Directory – meeting the needs of both “business” and “IT”.

Trial or Demo

If you’re keen to learn more, and are located in Australia, please contact KACHIHRO.

Click here to see details on our partner page >

Click the contact us link to arrange a time to discuss, and do an assessment of your Active Directory environment.

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