Enterprise Mobility (O365 Saturday)

Last weekend, I presented a session at the Melbourne “Office 365 Saturday” – with a topic covering Office 365 + Mobility.

I had a variety of topics/ideas that I wanted to relay to attendee’s – and covered the following…


  • Mobile phones & tablets – are used more during the morning commute, and then evening times, PC’s are still more used in business hours
  • Millenials Survey – most respondants have their phone always with them
  • Rethink applications/solutions – using micro-moments, time poor, small workloads
  • Enterprises need to provide solutions, or users will find a way (regardless) – BYOD, BYOA

Microsoft : Enterprise Mobility

The next piece was with relation to what’s provided by Microsoft :

  • Good story for devices and infrastucture – MDM/MAM – Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Azure Mobile apps have some great doco and sample content – but still need a MAC to compile for iOS (build server)
  • Xamarin is great for full custom ‘native apps’, but not really needed for enterprise – lots of code + deployment + testing
  • PowerApps is still in trial/beta, and not ready for enterprise (yet)
  • Hooking back end data can be tricky – on-prem is still a real thing, can enterprise do mobile-first, without needing cloud-first ?

My next discussion was relating the vendor landscape – specifically around K2 and SITRION – and my awesome chart of “small, medium, large”.


This shows that you can do a LOT with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Apps – but time to market, and cost can be LARGE.

Similarly, the opposite end shows the O365 app with a quick & easy (and free) view of a SharePoint O365 site – and then PowerApps is next up the list with a “SMALL” level of cost, skills, etc.

In the middle are the vendor products – which was covered next.

Vendor : K2

  • K2 SmartForms can be used to source data from back end systems, and easily provide for mobile forms and business processes
  • With a simple checkbox, the data can be cached, and offline forms can be introduced – and submitted later


Vendor : Sitrion

  • With a native mobile app, and custom designer in Visual Studio, Sitrion allows for integration to backend systems – including on-prem SP2010, SP2013, and SAP, SQL, etc
  • Employees have a native app that can recieve push content (CARDS), including read-only “Comms” from Marketing, etc – as well as Tasks to be responded to – these can be system initiated.
  • There is also the notion of  MICRO-APPS where a user can use the phone to initiate a process or application context, such as Find-A-Person, or Submit Expense Claim
  • The great bit is that you can easily connect on-prem data – meaning that enterprises can “get mobile” without needing to migrate their farm to O365
  • Sitrion provides an ‘admin portal’ within the cloud, that can be used to define users, roles, and so forth


Demo !

With the demo I showed, I had a Sitrion ONE solution within Visual Studio, and then added a list item to a SharePoint list within O365, and received a CARD , and a notification on my iPhone.  

I then showed the use of an iPad, and web browser scenario – to interact with a MICRO APP.


Close out

To finish up the discussion, I highlighted a few “use cases” that enterprises can use for a mobility story.  

It’s really open to anything – I’ve realised that it can actually be a “mobile intranet” – with company communications, tasks & approvals, and then apps that a user can open & interact with.

If you’d like to see or hear more – or have a personalised demo of the Sitrion or K2 platform, please let us know.

Feel free to check out the slides from my session – over at SlideShare – leave a comment below, if you like this session.


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