Changes for O365 User Group

For many (many) years, I’ve been involved in the committee and leadership of the SharePoint User Group in Melbourne.But – for 2018 – I’m stepping down from the committee.   I have a bunch of other commitments, and activities, personally and professionally.    But – first, a quick look back.MOSSIGThis began with the initial “Melbourne Office Server … Continue reading Changes for O365 User Group


And so this is Christmas, and what have YOU done ?!

The lyrics of the wonderful John Lennon song are echo’ing in my head, as we close out 2017.I don’t know about you – but *I* have done a LOT !    It’s been the BIGGEST year ever for Kachihro, and myself – and family also.It’s now two years since I started out on my own, after … Continue reading And so this is Christmas, and what have YOU done ?!

Presenting at the Australian Digital Workplaces Conference

With the change in terminology over the years, the name “SharePoint” became a little grey/muddy – and we said goodbye to the “SharePoint Conference”.In Australia, we have the Digital Workplace Conference which is being held on 23-24 August in Sydney.I’ll be presenting a session about MICROSOFT TEAMS – and what you can do from a … Continue reading Presenting at the Australian Digital Workplaces Conference

Active Directory = Accurate Directory ??

In many organisations (most organisations ?), the under-lying backbone of the entire infrastructure is ACTIVE DIRECTORY – often known simply as “AD”. AD is everywhere Active Directory underpins Microsoft application platform services such as SharePoint, and SQL Server, and CRM, etc – key business solutions – users simply open their web browser, after their initial … Continue reading Active Directory = Accurate Directory ??